Techniques to Effectively and Respectfully Communicate With the Latino Community

Do you feel like important messages are getting lost in translation and engagement in your programs remains the same?

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“2640 Media’s Roundtable webinar is crucial for any/all organizations to improve their strategic outreach to the Latino/x communities. The way the information was presented was introspective and impeccable to be applied to any existing marketing strategy. From the perspective of a very small nonprofit team, this information is invaluable to reach our Latino/x communities better!”
Rebecca Young

Marketing + PR Manager, Act One


Reaching & Engaging Latino/x Audiences

Data, Culture & Communications Strategies

How can you build genuine relationships with the Latino/x community if your organization does not have a firm multicultural foundation?

In today’s dynamic and ever-changing global marketplace, engaging Latinos is the new strategic imperative for organizations that want to achieve and sustain growth. This workshop explores how to strengthen inclusion, build strategic partnerships, identify cultural similarities and differences, learn universal story-telling techniques and social media strategies among other important topics.

Workshop Topics

  • The Latino/x landscape in your local area
  • Intercultural awareness, and why is it important
  • Organizational barriers
  • Cultural assumptions
  • Transcreations vs translations
  • Cultural differences & commonalities
  • Language & perception
  • Universal narrative structures
  • Latino PR
  • Latinos and the online world
  • Action steps to cultivate intercultural awareness in your organization
  • Making Social Media Work For Your Nonprofit
  • Custom-made content for your industry

Who is This Workshop For?

Our workshops are designed for organizational leaders, marketing and communications professionals and board members who are ready to take it to the next level. This workshop is ideal for up to 60 participants.

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What other nonprofit professionals are saying:
“I want to thank you for this wonderful roundtable! My entire team attended and we found it to be one of the best sessions we’ve attended on this topic, especially in such a short time. The specific information presented and stories shared were super helpful and engaging. The presentation even answered some of the questions we’ve got on our internal list that have been waiting to be addressed.”
Nell Larson

Swaner EcoCenter

“This has been an exceptional presentation!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your enthusiasm. ;) Excelente Trabajo!!!”
Lizeette Zurita

Holy Cross Ministries

“This is such helpful information! Thank you so much for recommending these organizations and strategies.”
Sarah Woodbury

Wild Utah Project

“As we work on reaching out to our community, thank you for talking about translation vs cultural interpretation.”
Fanny Blauer

Natural History Museum of Utah

“Thank you, Juliana, Linda and Marisol. Fantastic presentation.”
Jen O'Brien

Park City Schools

Will we receive a recording of the workshop afterwards?
Can I purchase a ticket as an individual?
Currently, no. You can schedule a workshop as an organization or group.

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