What is Voice Search Optimization?

Many of our home electronic devices depend on Siri, Echo, or Alexa. Siri was released in 2011 and since then voice search devices have rapidly grown in popularity. Some of the main reasons people are using this technology are the ability to receive instant answers without any clicks, it lets you safely surf the web while driving your car, it allows busy people to multitask, and finally my favorite, people can text faster that type. With the proper voice search optimization, you can be ranked in position zero by Google. This allows your clients to buy your product or use your service without clicking on a link. Here is what position zero looks like.
In the last few years, voice search has been growing rapidly and has now become a must-have in every household. To keep up with this trend, it is important to upgrade your website content and SEO to take voice search seriously. If you are building a website, make sure to include voice search optimization as part of your strategy from the beginning.

The importance of a great server and hosting in voice search

In order to update your site to optimize it for voice search, your required to have a good server speed.  

it doesn’t matter if you are ranking in google using some general keywords or if you are using a long-tail keyword or a conversational keyword, it is important to work on loading speed on your website. But why? The loading speed of a voice search result is 3.8x faster than the average website.

How can I Improve my Website Loading Speed?

First and most importantly, get the first-grade server and hosting service. A popular and our personal favorite first choice regardless of which hosting plan you choose, is SiteGround. It comes with superior speed technology. For example, their Go Geek Plan comes with 4x more resources than a regular plan.

They have a WordPress plugin SuperCatcher that will increase the speed of your website. Siteground uses NGINX web servers and the latest PHP7 version to increase the speed of all static content.

What is the difference between Spoken and Typed search queries?

Let’s say that you are going to search the web for a new green T-shirt. So you type “ Green T-shirts”. When using voice search you may say: “ Alexa, Show me the best brand of green t-shirts”.

In that case, you need to be sure that your titles and content contains these two sentences that can be recognized by google. Today, start writing in your blog, website or posts your keyword phrases having this in mind.

On average, when you are typing a search, you use one to three words. However, when doing a voice search people usually say more than seven words.

Think about how you speak to “Alexa”. You generally ask questions that start with:


What is the best brand for green T-shirts?


How often should I buy new T-shirts?


Where can I find a 100%cotton green T-shirt?


When is Macy’s having a sale on T-shirts?

The advantages of voice commands for searching

As speech recognition technology becomes more accurate and versatile, users are beginning to realize the benefits of using voice commands for search.

According to Google research, here are the main reasons why people use their voice-activated speakers:

  • It allows them to more easily perform several tasks at once.
  • It allows them to do things faster than other devices.
  • It allows them to get answers and information instantly.
  • This makes their daily routine easier.

What is the best website to look up this “voice” keywords?

Our favorite website to find voice search keywords that also appeared classified by “what”, “how”, “when”, and “where” is www.answerthepublic.com

Remember when developing and creating content for your website, always use your SEO strategy:

Focus on questions and providing answers to those questions. It’s the best way to go.

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