We understand that many businesses have never worked during any type of crisis in the past and they are unsure of how to communicate with their customers. They can find themselves wondering what to say, how to approach customers, when is the best way to handle communications and many other inquiries. As people’s behaviors change, their search behaviors change too. Some industries were well poised for the shifting market, but many online businesses are not. COVID-19 decreased physical store visits by 90% in one month limiting the in-store capacity, most brick-and-mortar stores are feeling the pain of limited foot traffic.
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What Can You Do to Boost Sales?

A Website Is Even More Important Now than Ever Before.

A well-designed and well-managed website builds trust with clients. Trust is the number one indicator for website visitors to be confident enough to purchase products and services online. Our team is ready to help you build that trust with your existing or new website.

What Can a Website Do for Your Business?

  • Help you sell products online.
  • Help you offer services online.
  • Get paid online.
  • Video conferencing with a web portal.
  • Display events and calendars on your website.
  • Help you build mailing lists of customers to retarget and promote products and services electronically.
  • Allow you to post new policies or procedures on your website. (like COVID-19 news and updates critical to your business)
  • Offer reservations through your website. (food, service calls, consultation)
  • Advanced forms for gathering more information about customer needs.
  • Offer employment applications online.
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Get Your Business on Google My Business

As COVID-19 shuts down businesses, we expect more people to turn to Google to see if businesses are even open during these uncertain times. By creating a Google My Business account, you can proudly display your business’s latest changes. You can display up-to-date business hours, phone numbers and notices about any changes your customers should be aware of with respect to COVID-19.
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Rethink Strategies, Adapt, Overcome

Now is a good time for business owners to reevaluate past results, current goals, and processes. You may find that there’s more free time on your hands. This might be the right time to create a promotional strategy that will encourage your potential clients to choose you over your competition for their needs. You may want to:
  • Create new website content with the right call to action and marketing messages.
  • Bump up your SEO to get more traffic and better rankings.
  • Invest more time in new content ideas that offer even more value to potential customers.
  • Reevaluate your presence on social platforms and the general engagement you are having. Think outside the box for new methods that will strengthen your overall online presence and therefore to convert into sales.
  • Think about new ways to tell your story. Use video, webinars, host Q & A’s, live streams, and be more active on social media.
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