Multicultural Marketing

Latino Marketing Strategy

Engaging the Latino market is more than doing literal translations. It involves an understanding of the culture, motivations, needs, and behaviors to ensure that your message is resonating with the intended audience. We have seen what happens when brands use literal translations. Their messages sound forced, they don’t mean much to the audience, and are sometimes offensive. Instead of connecting with the market, they are wasting money advertising with messages that have no meaning to the Latino market. We do transcreations that will connect with the Latino market.
  • Market Entry
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Multicultural Digital Marketing

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Marketing Strategy for Latino Market Outreach

To enter the Latino market, we develop long-term strategies for your non-profit or business. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or staff to reach out to the Latino community, depending on your organization’s size, scope, and goals.

Building long-term trust and loyalty is at the heart of a successful outreach plan, which focuses on building relationships rather than one-time events or short-term initiatives. Latinos in your community can be successful at outreach and audience cultivation if you integrate them into your ongoing strategy services and activities. Building relationships is all about creating strong, even emotional connections with your organization that will lead to repeat engagement, free word-of-mouth promotion, and information exchanges that will help your organization learn more about your community and its needs.

Our strategies will include:

  • Goal-setting for outreach
  • Locating Latino organizations in your area and researching them
  • Contacting and referring potential partners
  • Background information about the audience
  • Event planning and digital marketing


What is Transcreation?

Transcreation is the process of adapting a message from one language to another while preserving its original tone, style, intent and context.

  • Website Content
  • Social Media Content
  • Digital Marketing Materials
  • Brochures

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Social Media

We offer Spanish and English Social Media Content

  • Social media Management
  • Social Media Strategy Planning
  • Account / Profile Creation and Branding
  • Content Schedule and Publishing
  • Social Media Research and Analysis
  • Education and Consulting
  • Channel Specific Social Media Services

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