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Video is a popular content format that has developed hugely in recent years. As new technologies and platforms arrive on the scene, video has seen significant changes in the way it’s done.

With these changes happening all the time, what video trends should you be keeping an eye on in 2020? Read on to learn more.

Audiences will be immersed in 360-degree video

360-degree video has grown hugely in the past year. Immersive and atmospheric, these videos are highly engaging, and not just due to their novelty. In 2020, 360-degree videos will continue to be uniquely compelling to audiences.

For brands, 360-degree videos offer an array of functions. For hospitality and tourism brands, for instance, they let prospective customers sample a hotel or resort without ever stepping foot on a plane.

Ecommerce brands, on the other hand, can use 360-degree video to let their customers experience a new product in action. It’s essentially an immersive advert that helps prospective customers connect with a product on a more tangible level.

This technology is becoming more affordable and easy to use too. 360-degree video is no longer solely for big brands with big budgets. In 2020, even smaller businesses will be able to enjoy the benefits of 360-degree video, so it’s a trend well worth keeping an eye on.

Long-form video will become commonplace

You might have read already that attention spans are getting shorter. This isn’t because we’re all getting less patient, but because there are so many ads and marketing communications delivered to us across a range of platforms: email, social media, digital signage, paid ads, and so on.

However, in the face of this, there is a growing trend of long-form video in marketing. Consumers in 2020 are quite happy to watch longer videos, provided they are of good quality and offer genuine value.

This value takes many different forms: it could be useful, such as a how-to guide. Or interesting, for example, a brief history of a famous influencer. It could even simply be humorous. As long as it is genuinely compelling, your audience will be inclined to watch it.

If you’re looking to create long-form video in 2020, it’s worth looking to analytics to monitor how your video is performing. By tracking your video’s performance, you can identify areas where viewers might stop watching or lose interest. This helps you improve your future long-form videos for maximum performance.

Video will be accessible and available to every brand

For many growing startups, video is not a priority. With stretched budgets and tight resources, video feels like an expensive indulgence in the face of greater, more pressing matters.

But video is becoming a crucial piece of content for brands from virtually every niche. The benefits of video for business are numerous: lead generation, conversion increases, better branding, improved SEO, and so on. Consequently, video has become a necessity rather than an option.

This trend is aided by the improved ease and accessibility of video creation and editing. These days it’s possible to create high-quality video on a smartphone, and there are a plethora of free and affordable editing apps to help even the smallest startup create professional-quality videos.

As we journey through 2020, we will see more and more video from virtually every brands, no matter how small. As video becomes easier and more available, it’s clear that it’s a small investment that rewards businesses time and again.

Personalized video helps nurture better customer relationships

You probably already know the value of personalization in marketing. The simple tweaking of your marketing strategy towards certain customer types (or even individuals) delivers higher engagement and conversions as a result.

Personalized marketing is nothing new, but personalized video is still in its early stages. You’ve probably seen personalized video yourself in the form of online adverts that feature your name or certain types of video tailored to your own interests.

This is just the start of personalized video. In 2020, we can expect to see greater personalization based on unique data gleaned from social media and online forms.

Personalized video lets you nurture a closer relationship with your customers. It creates a personal connection rather than a simple transactional one. As such, personalized video is a growing trend that your brand would do well to watch in 2020.

The points listed above are just a few trends that will impact video in 2020. There will be many more changes to the video scene this year, and smart brands would do well to keep their eye on the horizon and adopt these trends early to stay ahead of the game.

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